Tips on Choosing Kitchen Flooring

There are a number of factors that will determine the correct kind of kitchen flooring material. These factors include your budget, lifestyle, and sense of style. The following are some of the kitchen flooring options to help you decide.
• Tiles
Tiles are an unmatched kitchen flooring option offering a classic and clean appearance and are highly long lasting. The perfect choice for kitchen floors is stain resistant ceramic tiles and sealed tiles whikitchen tile floorch are both grout and water resistant. A slip resistant tile is a safe choice from slip and fall accidents especially for kids and the elderly. The disadvantage of tiles is that they feel hard and very cold under the feet. They are also not safe for dropping glasses and dishes which shall definitely break.
• Vinyl
A pocket-friendly option that is ideal for a home with kids or busy kitchen that is highly predisposed to spills. According to this house cleaning company Denver Colorado vinyl is waterproof, stain proof and easy to clean. Since we stand a lot in kitchens the vinyl is cushioned using felt or foam which makes it very comfortable. The soft cushioned surface safeguards dropped glasses and dishes from breaking. When selecting vinyl opt for high-quality sheet vinyl that does not allow water to seep under it. It is best to hire a professional to help piece the seams for your vinyl installation. The only downside is that vinyl has VOCs which are harmful to the environment.
• Cork
One of the most eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen flooring options made kitchen-flooring-ideas-2015from the barks of trees. It is comfortable and warm since naturally spongy as a result of being filled with air cells. You do not have to worry about dropping glasses since it is perfectly safe. They are water resistant despite not being waterproof therefore they are ideal for kitchens. To protect the floor from minor spills cork has a polyurethane topcoat. Wipe up any spills and ensure that the vinyl floor is periodically resealed to guard against moisture from the kitchen. It is best installed by an expert.
• Wood or Laminate
Hardwood floors will always maintain the classic and warm look many years later and remain a timeless flooring option for the kitchen. Another wise choice, especially for damp kitchens, is wood-veneer or engineered wood which is more humidity resistant than solid wood. Prefinished hardwood flooring is also an excellent choice since they are water resistant and can stand up to high foot traffic. If you are looking for a durable floor that provides a natural wood effect at pocket-friendly costs then laminate is an ideal choice. It is available in a variety of designs and colors to match your kitchen décor. According to Maid Complete, it is both stain and scratch resistant. However, you must observe caution when selecting wood or wood like flooring materials because they are easily damaged by water.

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