Tips for selecting a home Carpet

Purchasing a carpet for your home is a huge investment and selecting the perfect one for your space can be daunting. The choice of carpeting must match the needs of your living space. The following are some of the elements that will guide the choice of carpet for your home.
• Short or long Pile
The texture of the carpet is provided by the trait referred to as pile. The density and length of the fibers will determine the pile of a carpet. Lavish and shaggy carpets have longer piles while short pile carpets are generally flat and short. Normally modern or classical spaces have short even pile carpets while longer piles are for casual décor.
• Colorchoosing carpets
This is an important aspect when selecting carpets. When it comes to carpet colors, you can either opt for uniform or multicolored fiber for a richer appearance. Before deciding on any carpet it is recommended that you view a few samples together with your interior designer. The best place to compare the samples is at home where you can what colors match your home décor. This will help make an informed decision about the best carpet color that suits your space.
Besides piles and colors other factors such as foot traffic and health may also contribute. According to Maid Complete a home with children or pets will need a stain resistant and durable carpet since it will be exposed to high foot traffic, spillage and dirt. When it comes to health, you might have to select carpets that emit low VOCs and allergy substances if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.
• Function of the room
Before settling on a carpet you must consider whether the carpet will complement the function of the room. This will depend whether the room is meant for relaxation or high activity.
• Foot Trafficbedroom carpet
The color and type of carpet will be largely determined by the level of foot traffic in the room. For instance a room with a little traffic can have a lighter carpet color however, for a highly trafficked room it would be wise to have darker colors for your carpet.
• Interior Design
The right carpet must blend perfectly with the rest of the interior design of the house. It is important to have a carpet that matches your interior décor.
Transforming Room Size
The environment and space of your room can be transformed based on the color and density of your carpet. Light colored carpets normally make small spaces to appear larger while dark colors make a large room appear cozier. The energy in the room will be largely determined by the color of the carpet.
• Personality and Style
Your style and personality should be reflected in your choice of carpet so that you not feel inspired but also at home.


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