Easy modernization tips for an old bathroom

Modernizing an outdated bathroom does not have to involve a complete remodel. As a homeowner, there are numerous options to consider when you want to update a bathroom. There are cheap methods of updating an outdated bathroom including those for rentals.
• Fresh coat of Paint
A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate anything from vanities to the entire bathroom. A tired old bathroom can be brought to life with a vibrant trendy color. For smaller bathrooms you can use paint to create an illusion of space by painting the ceiling with a harmonizing color that is lighter compared to your walls. Most people nowadays use more intriguing colors other than white to paint the ceilings.
After refreshing the walls with paint, the last thing you want to do is return the old dullModern-lamp-like-sconces wall décor back to the wall. Mirrors are one of the most captivating wall art pieces. Invest a little in a vintage or modern style mirror that will go along with a contemporary décor. Ensure you hang all art pieces that epitomize the simplicity and complexity of modern bathroom design. Remember that modern bathroom designs also use glass shelves as a practical form of wall art.
• Lighting
When it comes to modern bathroom lighting there are numerous options that will suit your budget and style. Modern bathroom lighting is much more functional and elegant compared to the old style. You can use light to highlight previously ignored areas of the bathroom using either pendant light or wall sconce.
• Cut Clutter
Cutting clutter is the cheapest way modernize your bathroom. Organize the area around the countertop and the rest of the bathroom. Use open shelving however according to this cleaning services Chicago you must make sure you keep items well organized.
Install new modern towel racks and buy new luxurious fluffy towels that are far more attractive, trendy and enhance the bathroom décor. Update the cabinets by adding new modern cabinetry hardware along with other small visual upgrades.
• Flooring
A flooring update is well worth considering since floors contribute a lot in the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Depending on the type of floor you have you could either paint to match the new décor or replace tiles. If the rental regulations do not allow for floor alterations then probably use a rug to cover the outdated patches on the floor.
Style and luxury are the key elements of modern bathrooms. Modern fixtures such as rainfall showerheads and waterfall faucets improve bathroom elegance. Heated floors and towels racks are all about enhancing luxury. Invite nature by simply adding some potted plants in the bathroom for the ideal experience.

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