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Easy modernization tips for an old bathroom

Modernizing an outdated bathroom does not have to involve a complete remodel. As a homeowner, there are numerous options to consider when you want to update a bathroom. There are cheap methods of updating an outdated bathroom including those for rentals.
• Fresh coat of Paint
A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate anything from vanities to the entire bathroom. A tired old bathroom can be brought to life with a vibrant trendy color. For smaller bathrooms you can use paint to create an illusion of space by painting the ceiling with a harmonizing color that is lighter compared to your walls. Most people nowadays use more intriguing colors other than white to paint the ceilings.
After refreshing the walls with paint, the last thing you want to do is return the old dullModern-lamp-like-sconces wall décor back to the wall. Mirrors are one of the most captivating wall art pieces. Invest a little in a vintage or modern style mirror that will go along with a contemporary décor. Ensure you hang all art pieces that epitomize the simplicity and complexity of modern bathroom design. Remember that modern bathroom designs also use glass shelves as a practical form of wall art.
• Lighting
When it comes to modern bathroom lighting there are numerous options that will suit your budget and style. Modern bathroom lighting is much more functional and elegant compared to the old style. You can use light to highlight previously ignored areas of the bathroom using either pendant light or wall sconce.
• Cut Clutter
Cutting clutter is the cheapest way modernize your bathroom. Organize the area around the countertop and the rest of the bathroom. Use open shelving however according to this cleaning services Chicago you must make sure you keep items well organized.
Install new modern towel racks and buy new luxurious fluffy towels that are far more attractive, trendy and enhance the bathroom décor. Update the cabinets by adding new modern cabinetry hardware along with other small visual upgrades.
• Flooring
A flooring update is well worth considering since floors contribute a lot in the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Depending on the type of floor you have you could either paint to match the new décor or replace tiles. If the rental regulations do not allow for floor alterations then probably use a rug to cover the outdated patches on the floor.
Style and luxury are the key elements of modern bathrooms. Modern fixtures such as rainfall showerheads and waterfall faucets improve bathroom elegance. Heated floors and towels racks are all about enhancing luxury. Invite nature by simply adding some potted plants in the bathroom for the ideal experience.

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Spring Cleaning your Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal

For your home to attract potential buyers it must be appealing not only from the inside but also the outside. In fact, if buyers do not like what they see outside the house they may be less interested to see what is inside the home. You are going to have a difficult time convincing potential buyers to check out the interior if they do not fall in love with the exterior of your home. This calls for a yard cleanup.
After a rough winter, your front yard and lawn are most probably in bad shape. A little yard spring cleaning with the goal of boosting curb appeal will go a long way.
• Getting StartedGardennig in autumn
The initial step is a general cleanup of the property. It involves removal of dead leaves, fallen branches and any other garbage accumulated over winter within the property including your dog’s poop. Surprised? Don’t be, nobody said it was going to be a glamorous task. This is one of the crucial steps in the process towards achieving maximum curb appeal. Therefore put on your gloves, get hold of a trash bag and start to collect trash.
• Cut Clutter
When you intend to sell your house you will cut clutter in the interior to look more organized however it is equally important to do the same for the exterior of the house. Restore order in your yard by collecting thrown away toys plus broken terrace furniture. Create an exterior space that is minimalistic nonetheless inviting.
• Power Washing
Grab a pressure washer, if you do not have one the purchase it, rent or borrow next door. Either way, you must have it during spring cleanup to get your front yard thoroughly cleaned. It will help to eliminate all the dirt and grime generated during the winter season. Restore the lost glory of your pathways and driveways by giving them a power washing making them spotless once again.
Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning should be a regular exercise regardless of whether you intend to sell your property or not. It protects your roof and prevents roof damage. The sight of a clogged gutter full of dead twigs and soppy leaves will automatically be put off potential buyers.
• Trimming and PruningCurb-Appeal
The view of your home will be blocked by overgrown bushes and trees preventing potential buyers driving by from viewing your home. Therefore, ensure you trim the hedges and overgrown dangerously hanging tree branches and prune the bushes. Call for Emergency Tree Removal in case there is any dead tree dangerously close to the house. Allow potential buyers a nice beautiful view of your home.
The curb appeal of your home is the first impression potential buyers will get even before they even step out their cars. Take some time and improve your home’s curb appeal by cleaning up the yard this spring.


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Tips on Choosing Kitchen Flooring

There are a number of factors that will determine the correct kind of kitchen flooring material. These factors include your budget, lifestyle, and sense of style. The following are some of the kitchen flooring options to help you decide.
• Tiles
Tiles are an unmatched kitchen flooring option offering a classic and clean appearance and are highly long lasting. The perfect choice for kitchen floors is stain resistant ceramic tiles and sealed tiles whikitchen tile floorch are both grout and water resistant. A slip resistant tile is a safe choice from slip and fall accidents especially for kids and the elderly. The disadvantage of tiles is that they feel hard and very cold under the feet. They are also not safe for dropping glasses and dishes which shall definitely break.
• Vinyl
A pocket-friendly option that is ideal for a home with kids or busy kitchen that is highly predisposed to spills. According to this house cleaning company Denver Colorado vinyl is waterproof, stain proof and easy to clean. Since we stand a lot in kitchens the vinyl is cushioned using felt or foam which makes it very comfortable. The soft cushioned surface safeguards dropped glasses and dishes from breaking. When selecting vinyl opt for high-quality sheet vinyl that does not allow water to seep under it. It is best to hire a professional to help piece the seams for your vinyl installation. The only downside is that vinyl has VOCs which are harmful to the environment.
• Cork
One of the most eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen flooring options made kitchen-flooring-ideas-2015from the barks of trees. It is comfortable and warm since naturally spongy as a result of being filled with air cells. You do not have to worry about dropping glasses since it is perfectly safe. They are water resistant despite not being waterproof therefore they are ideal for kitchens. To protect the floor from minor spills cork has a polyurethane topcoat. Wipe up any spills and ensure that the vinyl floor is periodically resealed to guard against moisture from the kitchen. It is best installed by an expert.
• Wood or Laminate
Hardwood floors will always maintain the classic and warm look many years later and remain a timeless flooring option for the kitchen. Another wise choice, especially for damp kitchens, is wood-veneer or engineered wood which is more humidity resistant than solid wood. Prefinished hardwood flooring is also an excellent choice since they are water resistant and can stand up to high foot traffic. If you are looking for a durable floor that provides a natural wood effect at pocket-friendly costs then laminate is an ideal choice. It is available in a variety of designs and colors to match your kitchen décor. According to Maid Complete, it is both stain and scratch resistant. However, you must observe caution when selecting wood or wood like flooring materials because they are easily damaged by water.

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Tips for selecting a home Carpet

Purchasing a carpet for your home is a huge investment and selecting the perfect one for your space can be daunting. The choice of carpeting must match the needs of your living space. The following are some of the elements that will guide the choice of carpet for your home.
• Short or long Pile
The texture of the carpet is provided by the trait referred to as pile. The density and length of the fibers will determine the pile of a carpet. Lavish and shaggy carpets have longer piles while short pile carpets are generally flat and short. Normally modern or classical spaces have short even pile carpets while longer piles are for casual décor.
• Colorchoosing carpets
This is an important aspect when selecting carpets. When it comes to carpet colors, you can either opt for uniform or multicolored fiber for a richer appearance. Before deciding on any carpet it is recommended that you view a few samples together with your interior designer. The best place to compare the samples is at home where you can what colors match your home décor. This will help make an informed decision about the best carpet color that suits your space.
Besides piles and colors other factors such as foot traffic and health may also contribute. According to Maid Complete a home with children or pets will need a stain resistant and durable carpet since it will be exposed to high foot traffic, spillage and dirt. When it comes to health, you might have to select carpets that emit low VOCs and allergy substances if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.
• Function of the room
Before settling on a carpet you must consider whether the carpet will complement the function of the room. This will depend whether the room is meant for relaxation or high activity.
• Foot Trafficbedroom carpet
The color and type of carpet will be largely determined by the level of foot traffic in the room. For instance a room with a little traffic can have a lighter carpet color however, for a highly trafficked room it would be wise to have darker colors for your carpet.
• Interior Design
The right carpet must blend perfectly with the rest of the interior design of the house. It is important to have a carpet that matches your interior décor.
Transforming Room Size
The environment and space of your room can be transformed based on the color and density of your carpet. Light colored carpets normally make small spaces to appear larger while dark colors make a large room appear cozier. The energy in the room will be largely determined by the color of the carpet.
• Personality and Style
Your style and personality should be reflected in your choice of carpet so that you not feel inspired but also at home.


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How To Be Successful In A Remodeling Project

imagesIf you are planning to remodel your house, you must keep in mind that any remodeling project can be overwhelming, but if you are equipped with some insider tricks then a smooth process is guaranteed. Here are 15 home improvement tips from remodeling professionals to help you through.

In order to prevent delays in the future, plan ahead. Proper planning can help keep you on budget. Select the products you are going to use early on. This way by deciding early, you will also know ahead of time how much they are going to cost you.

Keep the Big Picture In Mind
Maintenance such as energy-loss and repair expenses are long-term and can add up quickly. It is will be wise to make sure that you include these in your calculations when comparing prices.

Get the Best Help
Select a contractor you can trust who have been doing remodeling for more than three years with membership in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and possess a good record with the Better Business Bureau, with positive references from previous customers.

Visit a Job Site
In order to evaluate a remodeler, make it a point to visit their current job sites. You will want to look for a remodeler who maintain a clean and organized work site, who take precautionary measures to ensure safety, and who know how to keep a low profile in a neighborhood.

Be a Good Boss
Treat your remodelers well and with respect. Contractors appreciate clients that are easy to get along with, honest, and have an appreciation for what they do, motivating them to give out their best for the project.

plansEnsure a Detailed Contract
Prevent the imminent disaster of court litigations later on by not jumping into a remodeling project with a vague contract or no contract at all. The right address, definite starting date and completion date and the complete details of what is and is not included in the job must be specified in the contract.

Know the Consequences
Remodeling your home is exciting but there are a lot of frustration as well. You will encounter unexpected glitches, delays, and the inconveniences that are inevitable while living in a construction zone. A good remodeler will tell you what to expect before the project begins so you will be able to prepare properly.

Create a Temporary Camp
What can be worse than being without a kitchen for weeks on end? By setting up a temporary kitchen away from the construction area complete with a refrigerator and a microwave oven, you can continue to make light meals at home, minimizing your inconveniences to a tolerable level.

green-home-improvement5Secure Your Valuables
Since a remodeling project is going to affect every room in your house, you need to take the precautions of taking down pictures, moving vases, and packing you’re your valuables before the work begin. Take steps as well to protect your immovable fixtures such as built-in cabinets and chandeliers. Cover your flooring with cardboard sheets if it needs to stay in good condition.

Communicate Effectively
While remodelers can do some amazing things, they are not mind readers. If anything does not go at par with your expectations, let the company supervisor or project lead person know so they can deal with the issue

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to remodeling. But it will be wise to seek the advice of your remodeler because they are the experts and will know how to make the most of your space.

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